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62 människor miste livet på arbetet 2023 - 5 viktiga åtgärder!

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En vass app till Pålgårdarna för kommunikation och compliance

Client: Pålgård & Söner Kran AB Av: Inphiz Technologies AB År: 2023 – Kompetenser: Digitalisering av tjänster inom Transport, hamn- & terminalhantering med medarbetarapp och..

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Vi och Urbaser digitaliserar framtidens hållbara avfallshantering

Klient: Urbaser Sverige År: 2022 – Pågående Typ av uppdrag: Digitalisering med Inphiz EnterpriseApp & Dashboard, Datainsamling via Inphiz Enterprise API och Power Automate (RPA)..

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The Future of work and the Digital Workplace

The world of work is changing faster than most realize. We see that the frontline organizations need to include all employees, in our case, the primary target group, deskless..

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Digital workspace ELEVATING EX, productivity & ROI

Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword with many enterprises vigorously investing in technology as part of their overall successful design. However, managing a business..

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The Impact of Employee Engagement on Performance

A whopping 85% of workers are disengaged, causing approximately $7 trillion in productivity loss, according to Gallup’s most recent “State of the Global Workplace” report.

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Employee Experience (EX) REIMAGINED

Many corporations are experiencing a transformation mode, but when it comes to investing in EX (Employee Experience), a lot has been left on the table by focusing only on CX..

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Transforming to a lean digital workspace, How we do it?

Enterprises have continued to invest in new technologies to boost employee experiences at workplaces, but all the benefits not reach out. No organization has all its operational..

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