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Digital workspace ELEVATING EX, productivity & ROI

Cedrik Leijon Feb 12, 2021 12:33:00 PM
Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword with many enterprises vigorously investing in technology as part of their overall successful design. However, managing a business today is fundamentally different than it was 10 years ago. The most profound difference is the level of complexity employees have to cope with. Complexity is increased by new technology, new apps, and new types of collaboration.

Since the last decade, there has been an enormous growth by 125 percent in the usage of enterprise apps and productivity tools at the workplace (Source: Flurry Analytics). And in 2024, the enterprise app market will reach $287.7 billion (Source: Global Market Insights).

74 % of respondents currently have more than five apps open at once while 16 percent have 15 or more apps open simultaneously (Business Wire)

Enterprises are experiencing the enormous pressure associated with introducing new technology in the workplace. The employees are looking for consumerized digital experience so they can focus on getting more work done, rather than switching between apps and searching for information.

67 percent believe it would be easier to focus on work if important information from all of their apps appeared in a single-window (Business Wire)

Inphiz elevating EX, Productivity & ROI

Inphiz REINVENTS employee experience (EX) to a whole new level by applying the omnichannel orchestration model within the Digital workspace. Inphiz puts consumerization in the workplace by changing the way businesses operate, collaborate, and record and share information by providing a UNIFIED, secure, and intelligent workspace. The unified communication and content collaboration from legacy process systems, O365 into ONE power workspace, allows employees with FREEDOM OF OPERATION to work with single access anywhere, anytime, and with any device. 


Emp Engagement 2


This new model at the workplace ELEVATES employee experience (EX) from siloed office floors filled with hundreds of dull, lifeless cubicles to a collaborative, engaging, empowering & happier environment.

EX + E = EXE2 

(Employee Experience + Engagement = EMPOWERED Employee Experience)

From the boardroom to the executive team and the first-line workers, every employee is engaged and empowered.


EXE2 = ⇑CX = ⇑ ROI 

This empowered employee experience delivers great CX and an increase in ROI.  Trust, happiness, satisfaction & retention comes as the profit chain. 


Inphiz Modern Digital Workspace puts employees in the center of the user experience, and that enables employees to perform their job in a way that is more effective, efficient, and enjoyable. 




Inphiz digital transformation goes beyond the buzzword and solves the complexity of the modern workforce by providing a holistic transformation to the way of working

  • Regardless of the business areas HR, Communication, Operation, IT, Sales & Marketing, etc.: Inphiz transforms your organization to be active with a unified culture that brings people together to align organizational targets. 

  • Elevating digital capability to reduce complexity: Inphiz Modernizes your legacy systems without hardware & software overhauls. It’s not about technology, but it is how you re-use your existing investments to get the most of them to where they should be a target. Inphiz modern architecture allows you to aggregate all apps and data across all applications—both on-premises and cloud to deliver a unified experience to your employees.  
  • Elevating Employee EX: Inphiz solution empowers & engages the global workforce from boardrooms to first-line workers. We transform ‘Employee Experience’ (EX) at the workplace by delivering the first-ever unified experience and incorporating superior employee experience into their everyday workday. Providing employees with a B2C experience at work. 
  • Bringing Culture of Collaboration: Modern Digital workplace is setting a stage for a more collaborative, transparent, democratized work culture. From the boardroom to the executive team and the first-line workers, every employee will be engaged and empowered. The approach of combining all enterprise workflow, checklists, and knowledge management give the employee the power to collaborate on a single platform and allows communication down the ranks of corporate hierarchies.
  • Increasing Employee Productivity: Employees feel more productive when they are empowered with the right set of tools & technology. And that EMPOWERED Employees within a workplace create a higher degree of engagement and collaboration resulting in increased productivity. Freedom of operation & voicing authority enables them to unleash their excellence & competence. Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work (Forbes 2019)
  • Increasing enterprise Competitive Positioning & ROI: Inphiz creates a high degree of workforce autonomy in terms of decision making and problem resolution that boosts overall enterprise competitiveness. The organizations need to embrace a new way of working that provides open and shared communication with field workers and knowledge workers and that leads to the increased share of ROI. A majority of executives, 81%, say their organizations would be more competitive if there was increased sharing/elevation of data from first-line workers. (Forbes, 2017)

Modernizing your digital landscape will transform how you reach, communicate and engage with your employees increase their productivity and creativity, keeping costs down, and driving revenues up. Gallup reports confirm that companies generate a huge amount of profit when employees are engaged.

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%. -  Gallup

Transforming with you to Perform 

In this new Digital Workplace, superior EX is fundamental for the growth of an enterprise. The digital transformation will enable the enterprise to increase its competitiveness, productivity, and revenue stream.  The enterprise, wishing to remain competitive in their industry will need to embrace the new modern workflows and digital transformation. 

Digital transformation is a journey and the first step in this journey is to assess the digital maturity of your application network and integration capabilities. Inphiz will help you to evaluate your current environment and develop a vision and roadmap for your digital workplace implementation so that you and your enterprise can bring B2C experience to the B2B workplace and accelerate the speed, scale, and efficiency.

Make the next step towards adopting a digital workplace today. Transforming with you for your better tomorrow


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About Inphiz 

Inphiz core is to work on developing tools for more efficient workplaces for non-desktop employees. The business idea revolves around connecting managers and employees, by offering branded corporate tools for better communication and transparency in work and create engagement around the competencies and work experience. Inphiz also facilitate the management of onboarding data also approval of company policies and code of conduct so all managers together with the employees rapidly know that they have 100% compliance and follow the regulations.

Do you want to know more about how you can create better workplaces for non-desktop employees thought Inphiz? Contact for more information.

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